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Selecting Laminate

Selecting Laminate
Today’s laminate is a far cry from the originals of more than a decade ago.
Once an economical mimic of wood, stone, tile and even resilient vinyl decors, laminate has become its own unique flooring fashion, thanks to inspired manufacturers who continue to push the design envelope.
It is now possible to replicate wood, stone and tile to the exact color and texture of your choice and to select from special effects which make laminate rather trendy in today’s “luxe” circles. Even the hand-scraped and distressed look, beveled edges and antique finishes, so hot in hardwoods and exotics, have found their way to fashionable laminate floors.
Next, look very closely at the surface texture. Fashion laminate is presented with what is called embossed-in-register textured finishes, a very precise way of creating an accurate surface texture directly above and matching the laminate image beneath -- be it wood, stone or tile. The technique allows for a stippled tile or stone or coarse-to-fine-grained wood you can feel as well as see.
In the early days, laminate flooring featured basically shiny or matte finishes. Nowadays, you can have those (much improved with extended durability warranties) plus anything in between, even the hot new hand-rubbed look from Europe, the sleek matte oiled finish.
Laminate flooring construction
Another recent evolution is the format of the individual laminate piece. Look for traditional planks in three inches, but also wider products in four and five-inch widths. Depending on the look you want, laminate can be found in individual plank pieces or multiple plank panels for extremely fast installation.

Take the time to look beyond the physical beauty of laminate. There, you will find some very practical features appropriate for today’s lifestyle, such as moisture and sound blocking backings, anti-static and mold and bacteria-fighting qualities.
Your Floors To Go Expert will work with you to insure a quality installation. Details like trim, transitions and moldings are best handled by your Floors To Go Installers. With years of experience, they can provide a quality installation that will give you the look you expect.
Want to know more about the world of fashion laminate flooring? Stop in at your hometown Floors To Go showroom and let us show you how laminate is the crossroads of fashion and function.