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Selecting Carpet

Selecting Carpet
When it comes to designing the interior of your home, why not start from the ground up? At Floors To Go, we have countless flooring options to help you choose the perfect new floor for you! 

Consider the world of carpet. You have choices in color, texture and pattern. Flooring materials such as wood, tile, stone, resilient or laminate offer a wonderful selection of options for your new floor. 

If you can’t decide on one material, then combine them! Like patterns in carpet, you can mix different woods, create inlaid borders and add accents such as medallions, mosaics and metal inlays. 

Your Floors To Go Expert will work with you to select the perfect floor for you and your lifestyle. 

Either by itself or as part of a design which mixes other kinds of flooring, carpet is a world of glorious, seemingly endless choices to explore and a unique opportunity to find our fashion selves. 

Carpet appeals directly to two of today’s leading trends in interior design (luxury and personal expression) because it offers a unique combination of color and pattern and both actual and visual texture. 

The "luxe" trend in carpet is largely about making a personal statement in textures, tones-on-tones and mixtures of patterns. Carpets in loop pile, cut pile or a mix of the two in neutral colors and lighter tones will bring a fresh airy and inviting look to any room. 

New super-soft fiber technologies make it easier to craft a shape or a pattern into a carpet and even turn berbers into a luxurious surprise. Speaking of soft fibers, don’t be fooled by their delicate feel. These are tough, long-wearing and highly soil and stain resistant. 

Another textured look that’s quite personal is carpet which combines short and long loops or yarns, cable yarns or highly twisted friezes. The ability to combine that twist with multi-colored or flecked yarns for a heathered, textured effect means we are freer than ever to follow our fashion passion. 

Texture also can be created by the way in which yarns are twisted, loose to tight. Carpet experts tell us that twist also affects performance. As a rule of thumb, the higher or tighter the twist, the better the performance characteristics are likely to be. Higher twists also result in a better-defined and more sophisticated carpet. Looser twists tend to be more casual, tighter ones more formal. 

A simple way to make yours unique is to create a border with another style or fabric of your choice, or inset wood, stone or another carpet. Or ask your Floors To Go expert about the chic modern layered look using carpet with a new rug. 

Whatever your personal tastes, there’s something personal for you in carpet.