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It's that time of the year when we try to recover from the effects of old man winter. Utah has a very harsh environment for the exterior of our homes, so we need to protect the best we can from deterioration. We receive many questions on the best way to preserve the wood on the exterior of our homes. Exterior entry and garage casings seem to be a common problem so we will address this concern and also give some tips on decks.


Exterior casing will typically begin to scale and peel at the base, this is caused because the moisture is wicked up into the wood fibers like a sponge and then needs to find a way out causing the coating to crack and peel. The best way to get the most longevity is to begin by scraping all loose point, then priming with all alkyd based paint slightly thinned to get good penetration into the wood fibers followed by 2 coats of a high quality acrylic finish being the best finish. Next you would want to caulk the base of the casing with 100% silicone so the gap between the concrete and casing are sealed to prevent future moisture from wicking.

Decks also seem to be problem child in our environment. Most decks have been previously protected with transparent stains, and need to be recoated at least ever other year. Negligence of protecting our decks can cause a lot of problems and work for us in the future as wood will deteriorate very quickly. Color in transparent stains is one way to prolong the protection of wood. Color adds more solids to the coating. If your deck has already been neglected you still restore it to a beautiful look. You will first need to power wash it and then use a wood cleaner and stripper. This will remove all the gray dead wood. then you can let it dry well and coat it again with a high quality semi transparent finish. You will get the best results if you paint and stain it temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees usually mornings or late afternoons work best. If you have any special circumstances or concerns please feel free to contact us by phone or stop by and see us. We would love to help you have great success with your projects.

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