Softique Nylon is one of the latest innovative carpet fiber brands to hit the market, and it’s exclusive to Floors To Go. It features incredible softness for luxurious comfort and presents uncompromising durability due to a proprietary yarn process.

Always created with 100% premium nylon, Softique carpet is known for its incredible permanence, its excellent stain and fade resistance, and its appearance retention. So much so, that every Softique Nylon carpet carries our exclusive Lifetime Stain, Soil and Wear Warranties.
In simpler terms, this means Softique Nylon has a higher resilience and stronger fiber surface, so your new carpet is extra strong, extra durable, and better able to withstand active lifestyle challenges. Nothing feels better to the touch than Softique Nylon carpet.
Be sure to look around and enjoy our immense selection of Softique Nylon Carpet Fiber products, available exclusively at your local Floors To Go Showroom.
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