Installation Expectations

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What to expect before/during/after your flooring installation
What to Expect Before / During / after your flooring installation.
  1. Most arrival times for installation are between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Columbo's gives a time window as a courtesy, but arrival time is not guaranteed. The installer will call once he is en route to your home. The customer needs to be available the day of install unless arrangements have been made with the salesperson prior to the install day.

  2. The customer will give Columbo's at least 48 hours notice prior to installation of any date change or a rescheduling fee may be applied.

  3. Our installers do not move furniture items unless noted in your estimate and discussed with your salesperson. If included in your estimate please have those items ready for them to move by having valuables, knick knacks, and loose items moved prior to the installers' arrival.

  4. Installers do not move pianos, large clocks, waterbeds, treadmills, fish aquariums, electronics and/or any other furniture weighing over 200lbs.

  5. All closet floors should be clean, and the bottom rack of clothing removed. The installer will need about 4ft of clearance.

  6. Sometimes doors will need to be trimmed after new flooring is installed; this is the customer's responsibility, unless noted on the estimate.

  7. Installation of flooring can be noisy.

  8. During installation there can be a strong odor. New carpet will often times have an odor, which usually decreases over time.

  9. Installing, sanding and removing hard surface flooring or countertops may cause dust. Sometimes this can be considerable. Please remove anything you do not wish to be affected. Columbo's will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from the dust or be responsible for cleanup of such dust.

  10. Potential exists for minor scuffing of baseboards and walls. Repairs to these areas are the responsibility of the customer.

  11. Newly installed baseboards or trim will need to be painted by the customer unless noted on the estimate.

  12. The customer should advise Columbo's of any previous floor issues such as water leaks, noisy/squeaky areas, damaged subfloors, etc.

  13. Although we strive to foresee all aspects of the job beforehand, occasionally unforeseen circumstances are discovered once installation begins, such as damaged subfloor, wet subfloor, pet urine soaked carpet, unlevel or uneven subfloors, excessive floor prep, etc. Changes in the order may result in additional cost for material and/or labor, and all such charges must be approved by the customer before proceeding with installation.

  14. Seam placement must be discussed during the measurement or prior to order approval. Seams are not invisible, though some carpet seams may become less visible in time. The customer is able to directly affect the number, type and placement of seams by the amount and width of carpet/vinyl they elect to purchase. Typically, having fewer seams requires purchasing more material resulting in more waste.

  15. You should expect most carpets to continue to release fibers for about 2-4 vacuums, and some styles will continue to release fibers for the life of the carpet.

  16. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure you have the appropriate vacuum for the type of carpet purchased. Visit for information on approved vacuums.

  17. Carpet will typically “blossom” over the first few weeks after it has been installed - do not be alarmed if the carpet does not seem fluffy upon installation.

  18. Stone and wood are natural products that can vary in color, size, grain, etc. Columbo's does not warranty against these natural variations from piece to piece or from piece to sample. If you choose not to have the entire product purchased installed you will be responsible for the purchase of new product, labor, restocking fee, and possible trip charge.

  19. The customer must specify desired grout joint width prior to installation. If unspecified, width can range anywhere from 1/8” to 3/8” as determined by product specs and installer discretion. Repairing and re-caulking of grout may need to be performed periodically and is considered standard maintenance.

  20. Your new hard surface flooring may need to acclimate on-site per the manufacturer's requirements. Acclimation period is typically 24-48 hours prior to installation and will be addressed accordingly when the work is scheduled.

  21. The area to receive new flooring must have appropriate climate control, power, and adequate lighting a minimum of 48 hours before during and after installation, per the manufacturers' specifications. Hardwood products require the home to remain controlled by HVAC and the use of a humidifier is highly recommended.

  22. Hard surface flooring requires an expansion gap at the perimeter of the room and at any columns, etc. to allow for natural movement.

  23. Wood and laminate floors may squeak, pop, have hollow spots or make other noises.

  24. Wood floors may have "imperfections" in the wood, finish and/or stain. This is an acceptable characteristic and not considered a defect.

  25. Columbo's is not responsible for damage due to lack of maintenance or improper cleaning. It is the customer's responsibility to follow manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and maintaining your floor.
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