QuickStep® Laminate

Quick Step® Flooring available at your local Floors To Go
Quick•Step® floors are designed to be both beautiful and beautifully functional. So the floor you love for its style is the floor that best fits your lifestyle.

Surface textures allow for a more natural look. Choose from subtle, random texturing to advanced technologies which allow the texture to mirror the wood grain pattern. Or consider smooth furniture finishes for a refined, elegant look.

There are a range of colors to choose from - light neutral floors, to blonde and honey colored floors to richer reds, deeper browns and neutral greys and blacks.

Quick•Step® floors offer inspiring design possibilities for you to create a room like never before.
Quick Step Floors offered at your local Floors To Go.
Unique Planks - High-style designs and distinctive details.
High-style designs and distinctive details found within our Reclaimé™, Rustique, Veresque®, and Modello collections.
  Traditional Planks - Domestic and exotic wood looks with natural textures.
Domestic and exotic wood looks with natural textures found in our Eligna, Classic, Home, and QS700 collections.
  Scraped Planks - Handcrafted, timeworn looks..
Handcrafted, timeworn looks found in our Dominion, Veresque®, and Sculptique™ collections.