Beauty & Performance

High Performance Benefits
Soil Blocking Technology: LotusFX™ Fiber Shield, an anti-soiling technology that provides more uniform coverage on the fiber surface protecting it from soil accumulation. Reduces soil’s ability to stick to the fiber allowing easy release during cleaning for an overall cleaner carpet.
Stain Blocking Technology: proprietary technology built into the carpet during the manufacturing process, prevents most food and beverage spills from becoming stains.
Nylon Type 6,6 fiber: the strongest, most resilient carpet fiber available…for outstanding resistance to wear, texture loss and crushing.
High Manufacturing Standards: Royal Stainmaster® carpets are built to demanding construction specifications, including face weights and twist levels to maintain appearance.
Anti-Static Protection: Lifetime protection against annoying static shock.
High Fashion

High Fashion Benefits
Fiber Engineering: The best in fiber engineering provides soft, elegant carpets in the most styles, colors and luster levels for the discerning consumer.
Fashion and Style Leader: Almost half of all new branded carpet styles introduced each year carry the Stainmaster® brand name.
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